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Green Choice is a full service insulating company specializing in new and retro-fit construction, offering eco-friendly insulation options that exceed performance standards and promotes sustainability. We are proudly Canadian owned & operated serving Winnipeg, Manitoba & surrounding areas.

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Spray Foam

What is Spray Foam?

Spray foam insulation is a superior product to traditional insulation. It is a spray applied self adhering product providing an excellent vapor and air barrier, as well, providing the highest "R" value per inch of any available insulation. Spray foam insulation is applied directly to the target surface as a viscous liquid. The liquid quickly expands and hardens covering every nook, cranny, hole, crack and seam, creating an excellent uniform barrier.

Where can I use Spray Foam?

Spray foam insulation has many applications. It is versatile, and can be utilized in many ways for both new and retrofit construction. Walls, roofs, attics, floors, basements, rim joists, and crawl spaces are all areas in your home where spray foam can be used.

Why Insulate Now?

There is currently a Hydro Rebate available that pays you to insulate your home. For eligible home owners, Manitoba Hydro will pay for 100% of the insulation when you upgrade your attic to R50. Green Choice Insulating will be happy to explain the application process and take care of all the paper work for you.

Attic Insulation

Why is it Important to Properly Insulate Your Attic?

Attics are one of the most important focal points for insulation in both winter and summer. In winter, it's important because heat rises and to retain heated air in your home an adequate insulation and vapor barrier is needed to keep out Manitoba's extremes. In summer, the attic becomes a superheated space much hotter than ambient outside temperature. Without proper insulation and vapor barrier, the superheated air in the attic will penetrate making your upper floor warmer than the rest of your home.

The insulation and vapor barrier in the attic is responsible for keeping heated air inside your home in winter and outside in summer. Inadequate amounts of insulation are unable to provide the thermal break that is necessary.

In winter, if heated air is able to flow into your attic because of inadequate insulation or vapor barrier, large energy bills, ice dams, frost and moisture problems, regularly can occur.

The benefits of a properly insulated attic are: increased comfort, lower energy bills, prolonged life of your home's roof and inner structure, and reduced environmental impact due to lessened energy consumption.

Why Remove Insulation?

Insulation, like all building products, degrades over time and depending on the type of insulation and conditions, your insulation may be nearly ineffective. Adding more insulation can help, but many times it's near impossible to upgrade your homes efficiency to levels that meet today's standards.

In generations past, insulation generally consisted of unwanted by-products that were readily available (wood chips, horse hair, straw etc.). These products are largely ineffective and don't come close to offering the insulating value products offer today. Removing damaged or obsolete insulation provides the opportunity to use high performing insulation that can provide increased comfort, energy savings and greater interior air quality.

Contact us today and we can explain how Green Choice can make your home more comfortable and efficient.

Manitoba Hydro wants to pay you to insulate!

The objective of the Power Smart Home Insulation program is to conserve energy and leave less of an impact on the environment, which in turn saves you money on your heating and cooling bills. Insulation in your attic, walls, basement, and crawlspace all qualify for the rebate program. There are three simple steps in getting your rebate and we'll help you all along the way:

  1. Project Pre-Approval
  2. Install Insulation
  3. Your Rebate

Power Smart initiatives promote energy efficient products, services and programs, which deliver energy savings to Manitobans.

Interesting Facts

Since 1989, it's estimated that Manitobans have:

Is My Home Eligible?

Your home qualifies if:

What Type of Work Qualifies?

The following areas of your home qualify for Hydro Rebates:

Power Smart programs are available to residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Get in touch with us today to find out if your home is eligible!

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