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Upgrading attic insulation offers the greatest return on investment for most Canadian homes. Captain ComfortSuperGreen Insulation Expert

Spraying in cellulose attic insulation

Why is it important to properly insulate my attic?

The health of your attic is crucial to your home’s environment. In summer, your attic becomes a superheated space, much hotter than ambient temperatures outside, and that heat will pass into your home without an airtight vapour barrier and adequate insulation. During winter, that vapour barrier and insulation are the keys to retaining heated air in your home. Without them, the heat in your home will disappear just like the dollars you’re spending on energy bills!

We most often see air leaks around chimneys, ceiling light fixtures, heating ducts, kitchen and bath exhaust fans, plumbing, electrical wires, dropped ceilings, and soffits. In addition to being a source of heat loss, attic air leaks also regularly cause ice dams, and frost and moisture problems, which can compromise existing insulation and the structural integrity of your home.

Common attic air leaks
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Where do we start?

Green Choice recommends an air tight vapour barrier and insulation to a value of R-50. The first step is a free estimate. Our pros will complete a full inspection of your home and create a written assessment of your options.

A common solution for older homes is the removal of existing insulation, followed by installation of a solid two inches of spray foam for a continuous vapour seal of your attic floor. Cellulose or fibreglass insulation is then installed on top of the spray form base to ensure a total R-value of R-50.

Insulating saves money and the environment

Why should I insulate now?

This is a great time to address your home insulation needs, thanks to current hydro rebates for upgrading your attic up to R-50. In fact, some homeowners are eligible for a 100% refund! Some of the benefits of a properly insulated attic include: increased comfort, lower energy bills, prolonged life of your home's roof and inner structure, and reduced environmental impact due to lessened energy consumption. Let Green Choice explain the application process and take care of all the paperwork for you.

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