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Captain Comfort - SuperGreen Insulation Expert

Your home insulation may be obsolete (think wood chips, straw, horse hair) and degraded over time, meaning it could be nearly ineffective. Captain ComfortSuperGreen Insulation Expert

Removing old insulation from an attic

Insulation Removal

Green Choice is Manitoba’s home insulation experts…and that means removal, too. Maybe your insulation has degraded over time and is nearly ineffective. Maybe you’re upgrading your electrical and the current insulation is in the way. Maybe the squirrels won. In any case, it’s possible that the insulation currently protecting your home consists of unwanted by-products that were readily available (such as wood chips, straw, or horse hair) in generations past. It’s probably not as effective as the products that are now available. Let’s make a change for the better.

Insulation materials and technologies have come a long way! Removing your obsolete materials gives us the blank slate we need to install insulation that will increase your comfort and air quality, and decrease your bills and energy consumption. And remember, you may be eligible for a hydro rebate!

We have a custom-built truck-mounted evacuation system and our trained pros are simply the best. Green Choice will perform your insulation removal efficiently and safely, and best of all, we’ll handle the disposal, too.

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