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Ice dams can dislodge roof shingles, cause gutters to sag, damage insulation and leave water stains on interior ceilings and walls. They’ve got to go! Captain ComfortSuperGreen Insulation Expert

Captain Comfort - SuperGreen Insulation Expert
Ice daming on roof

Rooftop Snow & Ice Dam Removal

Have you ever considered the damage to your roof and interiors that can be caused by our harsh winters? Over the years Green Choice has developed removal techniques that are efficient, effective and safe.

The key is quick removal of snow before it melts and creates ice dams. We’ve fine-tuned our tools and technology over the years, and high temperature steam is the process that serves us best. Safe for your roof structure, shingles, soffits and fascia (and our employees), steam zaps your snow and ice dams and makes easy work of a big job.

And while we’re up there, we’ll analyse the formation and placement of your ice dams. Often the culprit is improper attic insulation and ventilation. Fortunately, the best team for the job is already here!

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