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Without adequate ventilation, condensation and humidity can form creating moisture in your home. Captain ComfortSuperGreen Insulation Expert

Captain Comfort - SuperGreen Insulation Expert
Proper ventilation is a crucial aspect of your attic insulation

Ventilation Installation

A Green Choice insulation upgrade is not complete without a complete assessment of your current ventilation. Condensation and humidity can create moisture in your home, and if allowed into the attic, can cause structural damage and lessen the impact of your insulation. Not on our watch!

To minimize condensation in your attic, we’ll ensure the space is breathing properly. We’ll check your roof, gable and soffit vents and create solutions to increase attic venting if required. (If your home has soffit venting, we’ll install insulation stops, or air-flow chutes, to keep them clear during our upgrade work.)

To lower humidity in your home, we will ensure your bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans are properly installed and vented with healthy hoses. Don’t have exhaust fans? Let’s talk!

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