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Proper wall insulation will help eliminate cold drafts in your home during the winter. Captain ComfortSuperGreen Insulation Expert

Captain Comfort - SuperGreen Insulation Expert

Wall Insulation

Green Choice Insulation Solutions offers two forms of wall insulation: dense pack and spray foam. Our experts are happy to discuss both options with you and determine which will best meet your needs.

Blowing dense pack insulation into the walls of an older home

Dense Pack

Dense pack offers a higher R-value insulation than traditional fibreglass and greatly reduces air infiltration. You know what that means: no cold drafts in winter, no escaping air conditioning in the summer! We’ll remove any existing insulation and then inject cellulose into your home’s wall cavities at three pounds per cubic foot, and then repair entry points as needed. Our cellulose is made from organic recycled paper with borate additives that are fire-retardant and resistant to both wood decay and mould. And vermin such as mice and squirrels hate the taste. For the win!

Spray foam insulation in the walls

Spray Foam

Spray foam insulation eliminates the need for a vapour barrier, thanks to its ability to seep into and fill every nook and cranny. This is a great option for homes built with 2 x 4 construction, as it’s easy to apply in smaller spaces, without losing any R-value effectiveness.

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